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Inspiring others to do great work, and lead their best lives!

Training & Presentations


Designed to be interactive, skill-building and practical, each workshop we offer supports professional and personal development for individual contributors and leaders of teams and organizations.  

With COVID-19 most workshops can be delivered remotely using Zoom.


Delivered in 90 minutes, each presentation is designed to be interactive, powerful, useful and relevant to individual contributors and leaders of teams and organizations.  Participants can expect to leave with at least one tool or technique to try out immediately, supporting professional and personal development for each person attending.

  • Building Resilience (inspired by COVID-19)
  • The Nibble Theory
    • A model for leadership, empowerment and personal growth
  • The Small Business Lifecycle
    • Navigating the growth phase
  • Coaching for Development
    • 10 tools and process that are effective
  • Are Your People Keeping You Up at Night?
    • Managing employee performance
  • Internal Warfare
    • A systems look at why things often go wrong at work
  • Why are you so STUCK?  
    • Creating personal change that “lasts”  
  • Stop Playing Small at Life and Work
    • 12 Tips for building confidence and personal power
  • Recognizing Your “Blind Spots”
    • How to stop shooting yourself in the foot
  • Improving Morale and Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Mastering the Art of Networking
  • 12 Tips for Effectively Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Coaching and Developing Employees and Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Trust, Conflict and Difficult Conversations

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