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Leadership & Team Development

With COVID-19 most development workshops will be delivered remotely using Zoom.

We focus on creating extraordinary results in organizations by working to help people grow and develop as positive, outstanding leaders and as high-performing, responsible employees and team members.

Many factors contribute to organization effectiveness and success. We are clear about the ways in which we can support organizations on their journey to greatness. For us, it’s always about supporting and growing the people side of the organization.

We believe in lifelong learning and are passionate about supporting the ability of people to grow, develop and thrive personally and professionally. For each and every person, we want to make work and life a better place to be.

We believe that one of the key factors supporting organization effectiveness is the link that exists between great leadership and great “followership”. In talking with employees at all levels, here’s what they say about the attributes and behaviors of leaders and teams they admire and want to work with.

Real leaders — the “best” leaders…

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Make sure their actions match their words
  • Are honest, ethical and fair in their decision making, communication and day-to-day behavior
  • Teach by example and demonstrate empathy
  • Challenge us to be our best
  • Coach and support the growth of people who work for them
  • Communicate effectively and make it safe for people to speak up
  • Share the big picture and pitch in on the details
  • Are curious and open-minded
  • Are confident enough to acknowledge what they don’t know and when they make mistakes
  • Provide timely, on-going, actionable positive and critical feedback
  • Have a good sense of humor and are positive and passionate about what they do

Within teams that really work…

  • Trust is high
  • Communication is clear and direct
  • People “have each other’s backs”
  • People are not afraid to lean into productive conflict
  • People keep commitments that are made
  • People do their best to not blindside others — no surprises
  • No one takes credit for the work or ideas of others
  • People talk things through
  • People look for ways to help each other out
  • People assume good intentions of others and show high degrees of empathy
  • People are accountable for results and acknowledge when they make a mistake and don’t know everything

As you think about these leadership and “followership” behaviors, are there areas where you could grow and develop? If you’re ready to head in a new direction as a leader or a team, here are five ideas to get you started.

  • Create a vision or desired end result. Stephen Covey referred to this as “beginning with the end in mind”.
  • With your vision in mind, honestly assess where you currently stand relative to your “end in mind”. Make note of the gaps between your current reality and your “end in mind” vision. Do your best to view this as data, not as information used to judge and criticize yourself and your team. The data represents your starting place.
  • From this assessment, identify the one most important thing to work on first — for you as a leader if that is your role, or for you as an employee or team member. Trying to work on many things at once is usually self-defeating and discouraging. Don’t go there. It doesn’t work.
  • Find someone you can trust to help you create change that lasts and “sticks” for the development work you have identified as mattering most to you right now.
  • Remember that change is a process, not an event. It takes time, courage, willingness to be vulnerable as you learn and grow, and a strong network of supporters to create and sustain lasting change in behaviors and actions.

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