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Ward Green Group

Leadership & Team Development

Offering coaching, customized workshops and consulting in support of Leadership and Team Development

We focus on providing practical skills and tools to improve team dynamics and business results.

Team Assessments

All leaders want to get the most out of their team… high productivity, high morale and everyone rowing in the same direction. Our assessments can help teams discover what’s going well and what needs work…leading to a team action plan. Assessments for teams include:


  • The Leadership Circle Culture Assessment (culture relative to key leadership qualities)
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results)
  • Immunity To Change (what keeps us stuck as individuals and teams)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (personality style, communications  and decision making)
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Instrument
  • FIRO-B (control, inclusion and affection)
  • Focus groups / interviews with team members


Professional Development Workshops

Power, Politics and Partnership

Do you ever wonder why things go the way they usually do in organizations?  Why do Tops so often say that the rest of the organization “just isn’t getting it”?  Why do the Bottoms of the organization seem to have a different focus than everybody else. . . and why do they seem so suspicious of “Management”?  Why do those in the Middle role seem to be in chaos so much of the time. . . and what makes the Middle job so stressful?  Why are relationships with Customers often so adversarial, and why can’t the organization ever seem to give them exactly what they need and want. . . the first time?

Power, Politics and Partnership is a group learning session in which participants experience universal conditions, traps, and dilemmas of organizational life. By learning firsthand about these traps, along with solid theory on avoiding them, participants emerge with concepts, methods, and a common language to improve their interaction in any organization.

The questions we’re going to explore in this workshop are:

  • What would an organization look like if this sort of partnership permeated throughout?
  • What gets in the way of that happening?
  • What does it take to make it happen?

The workshop has great possibilities for you …

  • To see organizations more clearly than you have ever seen them before
  • To open up new possibilities of partnership for yourself and your organization


The Myers-Briggs® Teambuilding Workshop

Do people in your organization see things from radically different perspectives?

Do some people delight in attending to details while others prefer to focus on “the big picture?”

Do some people like fixed deadlines while others lean toward leaving actions items open as long as possible?

Do differences like these prevent operating effectively as a team and achieving higher levels of performance?

The MBTI® helps people at all levels in organizations build self-awareness by exploring such fundamental questions as how energy is derived, how new information is processed, how decisions are reached, and how individuals interact with the world around them. Understanding differences through the “lens” of the MBTI encourages tolerance and acceptance of others and is particularly useful for people working in teams.
The workshop includes the online MBTI® assessment instrument, an individualized feedback report, and a copy of Introduction to Type.


Managing Conflict

If there is a “cost” to you or your organization of not managing conflict well, this workshop can help you grow and develop this important skill.

Do you regularly avoid people with whom you have a conflict, only to think repeatedly about what you know you should say? Is your style “my way or the highway” when it comes to settling differences with others? What is the cost to you, your relationships and your organization of not managing conflict well? Come and learn about your own natural conflict style and other approaches you could take to resolve conflict effectively. Includes administration of the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Assessment Instrument (the TKI), and a personalized report for you.

A group learning session in which participants…

  • Learn about a framework for understanding conflict
  • Learn about five conflict management styles and “which style works best when…”
  • Use the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Instrument (TKI) to identify their natural style of managing conflict and assess how this style is working and not working for them
  • Use real life cases to identify and practice skills and behaviors associated with all five conflict management styles


Managerial Courage – Having Tough Conversations



Do you step up and address difficult issues with you staff, co-workers or boss. What’s the “cost” to you when you don’t… on the business, with your relationships or with your personal self-worth?

Pat’s lack of performance is negatively impacting the team and its reputation, customer satisfaction and perceptions of you as a leader.  You had one conversation with Pat, and performance has not improved.  You have scheduled a second meeting with Pat.  What will you say and do in the second meeting?

You need to have a tough conversation with a colleague or a boss, but HOW?

Come and practice the skills and behaviors you need to show “Managerial Courage” * – “Saying what needs to be said at the right time, to the right person, in the right manner.”

Designed to be interactive and skill-building, the workshop helps participants:

  • Identify their typical response to having a tough performance conversation when an employee is:
    • Angry
    • Resistant
    • Passive
    • Or, all of the above!

Managerial Courage is also essential for having tough conversations with your peers and your boss. You’ll have the opportunity to practice giving feedback “across” and “up”.

 Managerial Courage – a Leadership Competency described and developed by Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger.


Become a More Confident Interviewer

Have you ever hired someone and regretted it later?  What’s the impact on productivity, and the cost of replacing them?

A group learning session in which participants learn a step-by-step process for choosing the best candidate for the job.


This workshop will teach you:

  • A process for identifying key skills and characteristics required to perform effectively in a position
  • What you need to know about advertising, recruiting, pre-interview screening and background checks
  • A consistent process for asking good interview questions, and for evaluating candidates after interviewing
  • How to avoid “out of bounds” questions with a review of important EEO / Affirmative Action information

Designed to be interactive, this workshop can help you feel more confident about your interviewing skills and your ability to hire employees:

  • With the right technical skills
  • And the right people skills
  • Who will “fit” in your business or organization