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Ward Green Group

Executive & Life Coaching

Personal and professional coaching experts right here in Central Maine

Coaching is a targeted, individualized development activity aimed at achieving focused results, generating long-term excellent performance and optimizing well-being.  This is accomplished through practices that build skills and competencies, and enhance self-awareness and reflection capabilities.

Coaching clients have come to us for help with issues such as:

  • Managing people who are technically good at what they do and difficult to work with
  • Developing strategic leadership skills
  • Increasing power, leadership and influencing skills
  • Developing leadership “bench strength” throughout the organization
  • Passed over for promotion – how to pick self up, and move on
  • Doing work and having the credit be “taken” by someone else (how to handle this and work it through)
  • Working through stages of grieving a loss (e.g. death, ending a significant relationship, change in role at work, loss of employment)
  • Developing skills associated with Emotional Intelligence, especially related to managing self, managing conflict and getting along with difficult people
  • Building competence and confidence with talking about important things that are hard to discuss
  • Moving through change and transition and coming out “whole” on the other side – making change “stick”
  • Digging down through limiting beliefs and letting them go


Following is a sample list of activities the coach and client might engage in . . .

  • Assessment process…one or more of the following
    • Leadership Circle 360
    • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI — for understanding personality differences)
    • EQ-I 2.0 (for understanding strengths and development areas related to Emotional Intelligence)
    • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Instrument
    • Review of performance history
    • Interviews with people who have worked with the coachee
  • Feedback and action planning
  • Coaching conversations in person or by telephone
  • Reading materials (books, articles, websites)
  • Self-observations
  • Practices