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Remote Team Management

Remote Team ManagementManaging Others in a Virtual World

Stephen Covey said. . . “Leadership is affirming peoples’ worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves.” 

What does it take to be that kind of leader?

Being an effective leader or manager of others requires competence and confidence with a BIG toolbox of competencies.  Adapting what‘s in your toolbox to fit the needs of the organization and your staff in the ever-changing world of work is both a challenge and an opportunity. 

How long has it been since you invested time in developing yourself?

Over the last year, many of us leading organizations and managing others in the virtual world have been “bobbing and weaving” a bit as we worked to find our way in an environment that was thrust upon us unexpectedly.  Things we used to take for granted about managing others can feel more complicated and nuanced than they used to.  For example. . .

  • Maintaining the same quality of managing as was done face-to-face
  • Supporting staff productivity and motivation
  • Setting performance objectives and monitoring them on an ongoing basis
  • Providing timely, effective positive and critical feedback for development
  • Having “difficult” conversations about performance (or anything else which is hard)
  • Managing conflict and building a strong, healthy team
  • Developing a team vision and communicating the team’s purpose in a way that inspires people to bring their best self to work each day

What could developing your leadership and management skills do for you, your staff and your organization?

Come for a workshop focused on growing yourself as the best leader or manager that you can be.  Leave with practical strategies for managing yourself and your staff in the remote or hybrid world of work. 

Change is coming.  Let’s do what we can to be ready and make work a better place to be.  For all of us.

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