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David Green Bio

David’s passion is bringing out the best in people and organizations.

David Green is Co-Owner of the WardGreen Group, a Bangor based training, management consulting and coaching business. David focuses on executive coaching, leadership development and facilitation.

People who have worked with David say his unique talents include: seeing possibilities and opportunities that others don’t see, finding ways to overcome what seem like impossible obstacles, and leading teams to achieve what hasn’t been done before. Another (possibly) lesser unique feature is his Scottish accent. David is an expert on the relationship between warp factor speeds and dilithium crystal regeneration (Scotty, Star Trek).

Prior to starting WardGreen Group with Ginger in 2005 David spent 25 years working for Nortel Networks in a variety of roles including engineering, operations, project management, organizational development and business process re-engineering. Nortel was an international company and the scope of many projects reflected this.

David staffs annually at The Power Lab, one of the world’s most impactful leadership development programs, held at Cape Cod.

David has a degree in Production Engineering from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland, has a Certificate in Organizational Development from the NTL Institute, is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Certified Life Coach. He is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile™ (a 360 degree leadership assessment), the Leadership Circle Culture Survey, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, Personality Dimensions and The Organization Workshop and has been trained in the Immunity-To-Change™ process for individuals and teams, and graduated from the 30 week ITC Coach Training Program.