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Exploring Resilience in the Time of Covid-19

The recording of our on-line seminar using Zoom has been removed as the number of people looking at it is now very low.

We’ve run the seminar a few times and will be happy to run it for any group that would like it. It has been very well received.

During the time of COVID-19 many people are struggling with loss and uncertainty and finding it difficult to stay productive and healthy.

In this seminar we examine Resilience: What it is, why we need it and how to develop it

You will learn about skills that will help you grow and develop your ability to adjust, adapt and cope with life’s challenges. We will answer questions about resilience and share practical tips for you to try out and incorporate into your everyday routines of life

I attended the seminar “Exploring Resilience in the Time of Covid-19 – Building Skills to Cope with Adversity.” As supervisors we are required to take two trainings a year related to supervision and this was by far one of the most useful I have attended.  

Tamar Perfit Mathieu
Executive Director, Rape Response Services, Department Director, Family Enrichment Services
Bangor, Maine

David Green & Ginger Ward-Green

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