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WardGreen Group Reviews

Being in the business of leadership development, The WardGreen Group has been vital in our mission.  The subject matter they offer is engaging, insightful and immediately applicable. The benefits are long lasting for organizations large and small.  It’s common to hear our graduates refer to what they’ve learned from the modules they’ve presented.
The material offered is relevant to how business is conducted today. Presented professionally and clearly, The WardGreen Group delivers on all fronts and is a worthwhile investment in your organization’s culture. Their body of work is so effective, we have utilized their expertise year after year.  They are that good.

The WardGreen Group, David and Ginger, have an innate ability to assess and evaluate the challenges facing both the nonprofit and for profit businesses in this very ever-changing economic environment.  They are “deliberately inviting” to all of those who participate in their workshops and trainings.  They create a safe environment where people can feel confident that every person and every opinion matters.  The results of their involvement with Charlotte White Center for over 10 years have been nothing but positive.

Seven Islands Land Company has worked with The WardGreen Group since 2008. We’ve used them several times for team development, for executive coaching and for strategic planning. The results have consistently met or exceeded my expectations. David and Ginger are very knowledgeable about management consulting and leadership development and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their clients.

David and Ginger coached our organization to help ourselves. During our Strategic Planning process, we knew what we wanted to accomplish, but needed help figuring out the steps that would get us there.  They helped us with both big-picture thinking and logistical details, such as how meetings would be run, what questions should be asked, and how to best run an effective process.  They helped us create a safe environment in which people could speak openly and honestly, and coached us in how to be better facilitators.  We look forward to collaborating with them in the upcoming years.

At Thomas College, we are laser-focused on turning our students into future leaders.  We know that David and Ginger bring to the table the kind of national and international experience that our students need.  The WardGreen Group’s real-world facilitations assist our students in getting to know themselves, their task teams, and the world around them.  That’s why we turn to The WardGreen Group year after year.


We’ve been privileged to have David staff The Power Lab for over 18 years as an anthropologist and facilitator. During that time he’s moved from team member to becoming a superb team leader who sensitively mentors others on the team. David is instrumental in delivering insightful reports that help participants understand how to make a difference in complex systems. David is a consummate professional who is committed to people’s growth and development and to their organization’s success.

The WardGreen Group facilitated our Building Partnerships Workshop, which helps organizations move through change. Ginger is the best I know at creating an environment in which people can be challenged to grow and learn. David is great in front of a group and brings with him vast business experience. What a team!

Ginger Ward-Green coached me in connection with a national coaching certification program that has a “Live it to Give it” standard where trainees must coach and be coached on real life issues. I also observed her coaching other trainees as part of our training.

As a coach trainee, client or observer, I was always in awe of Ginger’s ability to get right to the client’s underlying limiting mindset, including my own. Her depth of experience and training combined with her gentle but intentional communication skills make her an effective problem solver who brings a variety of tools to bear on personal and business obstacles.

Ginger is a dedicated, insightful Life Coach and has truly found her calling.  I have felt safe sharing some of my deepest fears that were received by her with utter compassion, care and kindness.  Ginger’s ability to help me answer my own questions is amazing!  She is diligent about looking inside herself which only deepens her compassion for others.  If you are fortunate to work with Ginger, your life will be enhanced immeasurably.

We are fortunate to have worked with Ginger and David multiple times over many years – both in workshops and one on one coaching. Their passion and genuine concern for everyone in the room is obvious from the start. They want to know you personally so as to customize their recommendations for you, not just your business. With HR usually being the most challenging aspect of business, their insight into what makes us “tick” allows them to coach effectively and graciously. We have enthusiastically recommended David and Ginger numerous times and will continue to do so.

Power, Politics and Partnership (The Organization Workshop)

“The whole experience brought out a completely different perspective than I was ready for – as a “bottom,” it was an incredibly eye-opening and humbling experience. What I liked best about the program was the Time Out Of Time reflection where we could listen to the other groups share the feelings they were experiencing in response to each particular stressful situation. I was amazed at how quickly people in organizations can create dramas that are not based in reality, but just their reaction to very limited information they have to work with and the importance of communication across all levels of the organization.”

Power, Politics and Partnership (The Organization Workshop)

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to get a taste of what this workshop could do for our business relationships.  Not only did I take away tools to help me in my work life, these same tools cross the borders into my personal and family relationships.  Most people would like to think they have empathy and understanding – what wonderful traits to have!  Until you go through something like this that allows you to step into completely objective scenarios and be truthful about your reaction, you really have no idea what can trigger you to lose focus.  Such a valuable experience!  Thank you!

Power, Politics and Partnership (The Organization Workshop)

“On several occasions, I have had the wonderful opportunity to participate in forums facilitated by the Ward-Green Group and been thoroughly impressed.

Most recently, I took part in the “OW” exercise.  The day’s program, the engagement that resulted from all volunteers and the quick-thinking challenges culminated in fabulous results for our team and it was great fun, too!

The exercises developed by the Ward-Green Group and all collaborators were powerful and created a strong sense of teamwork within a short time-span.  I highly recommend their programs.”

Executive Coaching

As a young Senior Manager for a large local social service agency, I found that I was reserved and hesitant to speak my mind in our weekly management meetings. We were fortunate as a team to be in consultation with David and Ginger of the WardGreen Group, and David privately gave me a singular piece of advice – “You are paid to have an opinion.” He told me this with respect and kindness, the way he and Ginger always do, but with a clarity that let me know it was my choice to step up or stay silent.

Over my last several years with the agency, my opinion was respectfully offered as part of every meeting. I can look back on David’s guidance and pinpoint his advice as my opportunity to change, and lead. What I didn’t know at the time was that he and Ginger had been planting such seeds all along, and his simple and clear statement was (for me) the culmination of a great deal of work they had done with our team.

I’m happy to say that I’ve gone on to become the Executive Director of a local YMCA, and am now on the Board of Directors of my former employer. I look back at David and Ginger’s work as a major reason why I feel prepared to lead in my community. And it goes without saying that I find myself unafraid to speak my opinion! I owe the WardGreen Group a very heartfelt thank you.

David and Ginger presented a session at a recent Maine Recreation and Park Association workshop in Brewer, Maine.  The session was titled: “Communicating Well Across the Great Divide-How Understanding Personality Styles Can Strengthen Relationships and Increase Team Effectiveness”.

The energy was high in the room as the professionals tried to figure out why it was so easy to get along with some folks and so difficult to get along with others.  Ginger and David facilitated the session with open ended questions which allowed the participants to come to their own conclusions about their communication styles.   Participants gave this session high ratings.  It was a great way to end the day long workshop…